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We translate all types of texts and documents.

For the moment we are specialized in Arabic - English and French, all combinations.

We work with 6 translators.

This is to be able to process as many applications as possible without being late.

ترجمة محلفة من الهولندية للعربية و العكس، الفرنسية و الانكليزية

اتصلوا بنا الان

مترجم محلف

How do we work?

>> You send us the document to be translated via info@engels-frans.be or via WhatsApp

this by scanning the document (possibly via Swiftscan app) or taking a photo

>> Our team will provide you with a concrete price & delivery time within 3 working hours.

>> You confirm by email that we can start the translation and pay the agreed amount after sending the invoice.

>> We start the translation at the latest 24 hours after your payment.

You can also bring or collect documents yourself from us in Dendermonde-Grembergen. This by appointment.

Finished! You can find out the documents yourself or we will send them to you by post.

Contact us now!

We offer sworn translations at affordable prices and high quality

We offer translations for the three languages: English, French and Arabic.
For all combinations.

Our translations are performed by a native speaker.

We work quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Legalization is included.

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    Why choosing us

    We offer sworn translations

    Our customers choose us if the translation has to be good.
    A text must then be translated attractively and accurately.

    Of course, we think it is important to help you quickly and to fulfill agreements – all at a competitive price.

    Ready to start?

    We work professional and have 12 years of experience in the sector
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